20 Tonne Hoist For Boat Repairs & Servicing

A 20 tonne hoist within the workshop allows a 70ft narrowboat to be safely lifted from the boat trailer to a suitable position for repair. No strain is placed on the boat’s super structure, or hull, because four separate hoists are used for independent lifting.

The main lifting points are spaced twenty feet apart along the length of the hull to remove any problems associated with the boat flexing. Each hoist lifts at 90 degrees from an overhead gantry, so no pressure is applied to the cabin when lifting.

The workshop hoist can also be used to unload a narrowboat from an HGV trailer to our narrowboat trailer for launch on the slipway. For more information about our 20 tonne hoist, get in touch with our team today on 01270 524 571 or email us at sales@swanleybridgemarina.com.

Note: Lifting a narrowboat incorrectly can result in damaging the super structure and hull.