Searching for the perfect narrowboat can be a difficult task, but learning about the ins and outs of narrowboating can be even more difficult. From mooring in a marina to regular boat maintenance, we’ve got 3 top tips for new narrowboat owners to help you prepare for life aboard.

#1 Set A To Do List…

The first thing to do as a new narrowboat owner or even if you’re looking for a narrowboat is to make a to-do list. To help you out, here are some of the key tasks you need to complete:


#2 Running Costs…

There are a variety of fixed and variable costs that need to be considered as new narrowboat owners. These can be affected depending on if you are regularly cruising or mooring each year. For example, if you are regularly using your boat, you will need to consider the implications of the wear and tear of your boat. Will you need to repair cracks or exhaust leaks more often? Will you need to repaint the exterior? These are all things that need to be considered. 


#3 Use A Brokerage Company…

Using a brokerage company can alleviate any problems you may have with finding your ideal narrowboat. You will also be able to ask key questions from experts that work within the narrowboat industry. 

With a great brokerage company, you will have the option of choosing from various styles, sizes and designs of narrowboats with a team who will handle the process from start to finish.

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