Are you in the process of buying a new narrowboat or are looking to relocate in your already purchased narrowboat? One of the most important things to consider when looking to purchase a narrowboat is where you are going to keep it.

For some, mooring at a marina isn’t a suitable choice for their current lifestyle. However, for others, they reap the various benefits to mooring in a marina. If you are just starting out in the narrowboat community or you’re looking to relocate, here’s 3 benefits of mooring in a marina…

#1 Additional Security

One of the most obvious but reassuring benefits of mooring in a marina is the additional security you get. Many reputable marinas have effective security measure in place in order to keep your boat safe, whether that be from theft or vandalism. 

As most people within a marina will be either staff or other boaters, the chances are your narrowboat will be a lot safer in a marina than elsewhere. Plus, you may also find that local marinas have barrier gate access to keep it even more secure.

#2 Local Facilities

Local facilities are a fantastic benefit to mooring in a marina, simply because you can take advantage of the area surrounding you. From high spec shower facilities to a local library, marinas like ours offer a wide range of local facilities for you to take advantage of as a regular or visiting moorer. 

Depending on where you moor your boat, you can also enjoy the countryside surrounding you. Our marina is just two miles away from the market town of Nantwich, and just 30 minutes away from Hurleston Junction.

#3 Reliable Boat Repairs & Servicing

Another benefit you will find to mooring at a marina like ours is the reliable boat servicing and repairs we carry out. Having an engineer on-site eliminates any difficulty in finding someone who can physically come out and fix your boat. 

We have engineers on-site to offer a wide range of services including:

  • Welding
  • Repairs
  • Engine servicing
  • Joinery
  • Painting
  • Signwriting
  • Grit blasting
  • Slipway 
  • Blacking

Get In Touch

If you’re looking for a rural and peaceful marina, you’ve come to the right place. Situated on the Llangollen canal, our marina is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxed and secluded retreat. With onsite boat repairs and servicing as well as a variety of local facilities, our marina can provide you with what you require.

For information about our mooring fees, please click here or for any further information please call us on 01270 524 571 or send an email to We do also have a variety of boats available for purchase, for more information head to our brokerage site here.