It is the dream of lots of boaters to own a brand new narrowboat taking advantage of the opportunity to plan the layout of their boat to suit their needs.
The downside invariably comes down to the actual cost of buying a brand new boat.This can prove to be prohibitive deterring
boaters from taking the step. At Swanley Brokerage we can make your dream happen and at a very competitive price from £1200 per foot including vat!
When buying a new boat it is essential to fully understand the buying process.

1 What is your budget?
2 What length of boat would sensibly accommodate you? Do you want to be able to cruise the whole network?
3 What style would suit you best. Do you want a traditional stern, cruiser stern or a semi traditional stern?
4 Would you prefer a conventional layout of a reverse layout?

There is also going to be a contract for the building of your boat and it is vitally important to understand this
and it’s implications. There will be staged payments to be adhered to.

Here at Swanley Brokerage we work with boat builders and we nurse the buyer through the process taking any stress or strain out of the purchasing process. We arrange for regular meetings to take place with the boat builder and the buyer.
We liaise with all parties to ensure that the build goes to plan and also ensure that the buyer has access to the build at all times. It may also be a good option to instruct an independent surveyor to monitor the works as they progress so that the buyer gets a neutral appraisal.
We also ensure that all the relevant legal paperwork is completed throughout. This will include the European Recreational Craft Directive documentation. We also keep all stage payments in our Client Account until the staged works have been signed off as “satisfactory” by the buyer.

If you would like to discuss a new build in more detail please contact Andy or Malcolm here at Swanley Brokerage and we would be delighted to discuss your requirements.
A new build from £1200 per foot including vat? What an opportunity!

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